True Lies

Corrected entry: Tia Carrera says that the statues "are absolutely priceless. Pity" before they're destroyed to remove the warheads hidden inside. How did the nukes get inside them in the first place?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: They are most likely plaster fakes they built around the nukes to sneak them into the country, and she was just being sarcastic.

Corrected entry: In the restroom shootout, Harry is fighting the terrorist in the green jacket. He takes his gun and shoots the second guy, with the beard and brown jacket, who then fires off his gun in the way dying bad guys do. The gun he is holding is a USP Tactical Machine Pistol, which is silenced, but you can hear the loud shots from the gun as he dies.

Correction: Because it's a Steyr T.M.P. (not a USP, which is a German handgun) the standard barrel shroud on it looks like a silencer. It is not.

Corrected entry: The first time Arnold commandeers the Harrier, it's lifting from the pavement hitting cop cars etc. When he finally gets control, the angle changes and the Harrier is now lifting from above the water.

Correction: As the shot where he is destroying those police cars ends, you can see the harrier is flying off the bridge and over the water.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry walks out of his wife's office, stunned and believing that she's having an affair, you can see a woman a few cars back standing there and staring right at him and Gibb talk the entire time.

Correction: Harry has just walked in front of a bus. It doesn't surprise me that the woman was watching.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is giving his daughter the snowy village present you can see he is already wearing his tie, yet in the next scene when he is talking to Helen he is only just putting his tie around his neck.

Correction: When Harry gives Dana the snowy village, the tie is draped around his neck. Then when he's talking to his wife, he's tying it up.

Corrected entry: When they are in the Florida Keys Arnold hands Helen the MAC-10 machinegun. She then fires it and it falls down the stairs continuing to fire and killing bad guys on the way. The only possible way this can happen is if it is stuck on auto-fire. When it reaches the bottom of stairs it stops - obviously it has ran out of ammo. A couple of seconds later you see Arnold making a running dive to the same machine gun and he picks it up - does not reload and immediately fires it at more bad guys.

Correction: The gun that Arnold picks up is from one of the dead terrorists, not the gun that Helen dropped. If you watch carefully, you can see Arnold pull the gun out of the terrorists hands.

Corrected entry: When they are standing at the top of the dam, the first time you see the dam it's dry. The next time you see the dam (30 seconds later) it's wet.

Correction: The scene is shot from 2 different angles part of the dam is wet all the time but you can only see it from certain angles


Corrected entry: Early on, Arnold has a Ruger P-series pistol fired right in front of his face when he and Tom Arnold are seated in the van. He'd be blinded if he really did this, from muzzle blast.

Correction: If you mean the scene where Schwarzenegger tells Tom Arnold "Could you lean back a second" and fires past him at the skiers outside, that scene was authentic--except that the gun was loaded with blanks. Tom Arnold had some reservations about doing the scene, so James Cameron allayed his fears by sitting in the driver's seat and allowing the gun to be fired in front of his face, to show it was safe.

Corrected entry: When Arnold is on the plane after getting caught, he is shot in the back of the neck with some tranq gun, if you look as he passes out, you can see the girl talking spilling her wine all over her as it fades out.

Correction: What you see is the chain from Helen's necklace.

Corrected entry: During the final action sequence, we see a janitor in one of the buildings, going about his business. With that kind of a threat, all buildings in the area would have been completely evacuated.

Correction: He was wearing a Walkman, it's possible he didn't hear any warning alarms and that no-one knew he was still in the building (or cared enough about him to go look for him).

Brian Katcher

Correction: It's just a joke they threw in there.

Correction: Try running a tap gently against a bit of fabric sometime. All the water doesn't just get soaked up - plenty of it runs down the fabric and out.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After Bill Paxton pisses himself at the bridge, you see Arnold and Tom walking back towards the van. If you look, it's not Tom Arnold, but some other guy with the same build. The face is obviously different.

Correction: No it's not. That's definitely Tom Arnold. It begs the question as to why they would have a stand-in just for that one scene.


Re stand-ins, as various Friends mistakes demonstrate, stand-ins are often used when the star isn't really needed, due to the shot being from far away, or them being mostly offscreen, etc. Might be the star is done for the day and leaves set, then they suddenly want a pickup shot or a change of scheduling and they work with what they've got.

Jon Sandys Premium member

I agree it is definitely Tom Arnold, but there are many possible reasons for using a stand-in for just one scene, so it begs the questions why you think it begs the question.

But since Tom Arnold was available for the shot it begs the question of why you begged the question about begging the question. I'll get me coat.

I agree with LordSkyegon. There is no reason to use a stand-in in that scene.


Audio problem: In the public restroom fight, Arnold slams one of the bad guys head into the ceramic urinal. Although you hear two loud and clear "klonks", the urinal bends when Arnold presses the bad guy's head down. [Only visible in the pan and scan version.] (00:31:55)

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Helen: Have you ever killed anyone?
Harry: Yeah, but they were all bad.

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Trivia: In the English version, when Arnold speaks to the chef in the opening sequence, he speaks French. In the French version it would be redundant for him to speak French, so he speaks German and of course it's him speaking. (00:04:50)

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Question: How could Harry have known what floor the terrorist leader was going to get off on during the hotel chase sequence?


Chosen answer: He didn't really. Harry just knew he was heading up. He pressed the top floor to get the elevator moving and kept an eye on him on the way up. If the terrorist's elevator suddenly stops, Harry can press the button for that floor to stop his elevator.


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