True Lies

Trivia: In the scene when Arnold has rescued Jamie Lee Curtis from the limo and she is flying over the ocean from Arnold's hand, Curtis is actually the one doing that stunt.

T Poston

Trivia: The shots of Jamie Leigh Curtis hanging beneath the helicopter were filmed on her 35th birthday.

Mark Bernhard

Trivia: In the English version, when Arnold speaks to the chef in the opening sequence, he speaks French. In the French version it would be redundant for him to speak French, so he speaks German and of course it's him speaking. (00:04:50)

Trivia: When Gibson is bringing up Juno Skinner's information on the computer at the beginning, it says she was born in 1959. But in reality, Tia Carrere was born in 1967. I wonder if she was insulted that the producers thought she looked almost ten years older than she actually was? (00:08:35)


Trivia: This is a remake of a French movie, "La totale".


Trivia: The place where Jamie Lee Curtis meets Bill Paxton is the same place where the T-1000 arrives in Terminator 2. Coincidently, another movie Arnold was in and James Cameron directed.

Trivia: The sequence on the bridge toward the end was actually filmed in the Florida Keys on Seven Mile Bridge. The bridge had to be closed down for hours during filming, so long lines of cars had to wait patiently for extended periods of time. As a way of apologizing for the inconvenience, between shots James Cameron and the stars of the film walked up and down the highway handing out bumper stickers bearing the Omega Sector seal and proclaiming, "I was held hostage on Seven-Mile Bridge."

Mark Bernhard

Trivia: Art Malik got the job to play the lead Jihad terrorist because James Cameron was impressed with his portrayal of the muhajehdeen leader in "The Living Daylights." Coincidentally, the Taliban and a number of Islamic extremist Jihad groups have their roots in the muhajehdeen.

Trivia: Jamie Lee Curtis at one point says "I married Rambo." Director James Cameron wrote the story for Rambo: First Blood Part II.

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Trivia: The helicopter pilot who says "Yeah, she's got her head in his!" is the film's director, James Cameron.

Revealing mistake: During the hotel scene where Arnold is on the horse chasing the bad guy on the motorcycle, keep your eye on the carpet. As the bike clears a path through the lobby, you can see tyre marks all over the carpet where this shot has been practised many times. (00:36:00)

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Helen: Have you ever killed anyone?
Harry: Yeah, but they were all bad.

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Question: In the scene where Helen tries to shoot the bad guys and drops the gun down the steps and the gun is firing by itself shooting everyone, one of the bad guys has a hold of Harry, Harry says one word to the guy that makes him let him go before they both get shot, what is it Harry says?

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Chosen answer: He just exclaims, "Shit!" It's not what he says that makes the henchman let him go, it's that they both realize that if they don't find cover they'll both likely be shot by this random, firing Uzi.

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