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Answer: Regarding the doggie door, all she was doing was moving the frame of the door to the right (the hole was still in the same spot). That way when Baby aimed for the "door", he'd run through the actual opening, since he kept missing everything to the left. And she wasn't really dressed as Bogart, she was just wearing Pogue's jacket and hat that was in his apartment. He was just being silly calling her Bogart when she asked "remember me?" Earlier in the movie, he was watching "The Maltese Falcon", which starred Bogart, so it's just a reference/joke to that.


Answer: "Baby" would always miss the door going by the left barely missing it. She put the fake to the right, which means it would look to the left and see the real door. She dressed up to show that she loves him. Most couples when they are dating sometimes wear a piece of clothing like a hat, shoes or dress style similar to their partners.

Thanks guys for all the answers.


Answer: It was for "Baby" the dog, who kept missing the door. She had depth perception because of only having one good eye. She was dressed like Bogie for Dana Carvey. He was a private eye.

What did she do to the door that would alleviate that problem though? And I know Dana Carvey is a private dick in the movie, but Valeria Golino isn't, so why did she feel the need to dress like one?


You're right. I just watched it a few more times, and she did manipulate the door in such a way that the dog could now get in without running into the door. But my question about her wardrobe still remains unanswered, why is she dressed like Humphrey Bogart?


Question: What happens to Hendrix and Dr Hoover? They were never seen again since they both tied up by Cornell and his henchmen but what does Cornell means "Not on the rug"?


Answer: Hendricks and Dr Hoover were killed, when Cornell says, "not on the rug" he means don't kill them on the rug, it will be messy. The rug was most likely an antique.

Why was that a reward though for Hendricks. It wasn't his rug.


Maurice L. Pogue: It's so nice seeing all your faces here: John and Susan and Mary and Fred and Ethel, Little Ricky.

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