Daphne & Velma

Plot hole: During the presentation of Bloom Innovative's pizza printer, the villain who pulls the strings of the whole operation (and controls Bloom) is in the audience. Since Bloom at the end of the movie is not depicted as a sophisticated AI but just a holographic projection, it appears impossible that he could do his stage performance and interact (verbally at least) with principal and audience. (00:33:20)

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Plot hole: Bloom Innovative is depicted as an incredibly famous cutting-edge tech company with a massive social network presence. It is unforeseeable that its charismatic owner and public face would have been for years a hologram whose likeness is modeled after "the most famous male model in Japan" (let's forget the fact that it's pretty unlikely that'd be a white dude), not exactly a secluded country with no attention to media and tech. Later when they talk with the real villain, Velma in fact refers to him as "an obscure model", which would make much more sense plot-wise (but then Daphne couldn't have recognized him at first glance). (01:05:45)

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Plot hole: The introductory clip with the girl later in the movie identified as Olivia has the date January 08 2018. When Daphne looks into the file she uploaded with the alien pen drive, it is dated February 04 2019. Those two events can't happen in different years. (00:19:20)

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Character mistake: Daphne's mother is the one who pressed her husband to tell her the truth, but she is cheering when he says about the basketball anecdote that it was 'real', when later he corrects himself saying "real-ly me, disguised as a mascot." (00:17:25)

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Daphne Blake: Velma, the tube just ate her! The tube ate Mikayla!
Velma Dinkley: Okay, I'm...pretty sure it's just a secret elevator or something.
Daphne Blake: Okay, right, right.

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