3 Ninjas

Continuity mistake: When Rocky and Colt go to the bathroom to attack Hammer after he drank the laxative, Colt thrusts a plunger to Hammer's face. As Colt thrusts it backwards, Hammer's face gets pulled forward, sending his ponytail over his head. In the next shot his hair is neat and tidy, not over his head.

Continuity mistake: During the part when Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum are in their room, Tum Tum is playing Nintendo. You can see he is playing Super Mario Brothers 3, he beats a level and then starts singing Rocky loves Emily. When Colt says "mom's coming" Tum Tum turns off the game but its at the main menu when you first start the game. You can't go to the main menu without resetting or turning the Nintendo off and on.

Continuity mistake: When the boys and Emily are riding their bikes to school, the boys and Emily get split up. Emily finds herself running into the bullies and their bikes. The bullies steal her bike. But, if you watch Emily riding her bike before it is stolen, it is a mountain bike, and it is a kind of white/purple colour. When the bullies are taking it away, it is no longer a mountain bike, and it is bright pink.

Continuity mistake: When Colt and Rocky take on the two bullies in a basketball game, Rocky takes a backwards shot from the right side of the basket (obviously shooting towards the left). Then the basketball goes into the basket from the left side.

Continuity mistake: When Emily goes to meet Rocky at his house to ride to school with him, she goes into the house through the door in the garage. When Emily, Rocky, Colt and Tum-tum walk out that same door, the garage is only just opening. If the garage was closed, how did she get in?

Continuity mistake: When the big Asian guy throws Tum Tum off his neck, Tum Tum is already horizontal. In the next shot, he turns it into a shoulder roll. Impossible.

Continuity mistake: When Snyder and Grandpa fight at the end, and Grandpa's sword is knocked out of his hand, it disappears from the mat and isn't seen again.

Continuity mistake: When Fester, Marcus, and Hammer first enter the room with Emily as a hostage, it shows Fester holding her with his left arm and his right is holding the gun against her head. When the shot changes, he's holding her with his right arm, with the left holding the gun.

Continuity mistake: When their Grandfather is coming home, his 3 grandsons (his ninjas in training) are hiding in the yard - one of them was in a tree above where he parks his car. The 2 ninjas in the yard come out of their hiding places acting like Ninjas (jokingly) and the one in the tree jumps out onto the ground (about a 15 ft drop...this is one big tree...) and since he's a ninja, he apparently can do this safely. The thing is though, he lands with perfectly straight legs.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where the main teenage bad guy and his two friends are holding up a convenience store, he gets a phone call from his uncle, about kidnapping the 3 ninjas. His uncle says, "here's the address." But he never actually gives it to him.

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Suggested correction: There is an alternate version of this film that shows the address being given and the thugs trying to remember it. This version is currently on Hulu as of this writing.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Maury and Snider are speaking, Snider at one point whistles for his car or something. In slow motion you can see he never puts his fingers to his lips, he puts his fingers to his chin, obviously he can't whistle so he did some bad acting and faked it.

Other mistake: When the three ninjas are kidnapped and locked in that room, Tum-Tum is complaining about being hungry. Later on, before the fighting match between Grandpa and Snider, Tum-Tum gives Grandpa jelly beans. Why didn't Tum-Tum just eat those before?

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Hammer: Dude.

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