Stupidity: The supposed criminal mastermind had exactly what he wanted right at the beginning; all he wants is killing the girl, and he knows (he says it himself) that he is facing just mall cops who carry no weapons. But he utterly wastes for no reason the 'first contact', when his intentions are not known to the occupants. If only he had a gun, or brought along a guy hiding a weapon instead of 'suitcase full of bribe money dude' (which only shows how easy it would have been for him to have backup), he could have easily killed everyone through the doors when they were sitting ducks, with no fear of retaliation whatsoever. Nobody as ruthless and daring as he supposedly is, would show up unarmed for no reason.

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Stupidity: The villain has a couple dozen able men fully equipped with lights (plus vehicles, obviously), but instead of using them to run after the kid who has a minute tops head start on him and is running blindly in soaked mud fields on her little legs, he uses his manpower to clean up the road from blood, spikes and various other traces of the precise location of the shootout. Rather pointless move since the feds are gonna come anyway in the area because of the communication loss with the convoy, with a decent approximation of their position. It appears unbelievable that he would have his priorities so wrong and just leave the girl to run free like that.

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Factual error: Throughout the whole movie, whenever federal agents (or people posing as such...) tasked with the case are shown, they wear uniforms with "U.S.A. Marshals" written in big yellow letters. Of course the one and only correct spelling would be "U.S. Marshal"

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