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This movie is like... Home Alone, but in a mall. And meant to be taken seriously.

Banderas is actually a really good and likeable lead in this: you can buy 100% the 'war veteran' angle. The script gives him zero conflict or challenge linked to his PTSD or other demons, but he looks absolutely great and the whole suffer and struggle can be seen in his look and quiet no-nonsense demeanor. There's of course the whole kid angle with him projecting the feelings he has for his daughter...but the actress here is so abysmal that nearly tanks that aspect completely.

A movie where nothing really makes sense, poorly written and with terrible character arcs - it is saved though by a great Banderas and a likeable Liam McIntyre - they did a pretty smart choice at not making any of the characters an asshat, flawed yes, but not unsympathetic. It's a shame that Ben Kingsley and Cung Lee are given so little to do and so uninspired: without good villains a movie like this is bound to fail.

Sammo Premium member

Character mistake: When we see the relative positions Eddie and Johnny have, Eddie appears to be the one that should have done the signaling to the patrol car instead. (00:55:40)

Sammo Premium member

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