Three Men and a Baby

Three Men and a Baby (1987)


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Peter Mitchell: I'm an architect for Christ sake, I build 50 story skyscrapers, I assemble cities of the future, I can certainly put together a goddamn diaper.

Jan: Baby take very, very much work.
Peter Mitchell: Thanks for telling me that, Jan, I did not know that. What is he, an idiot savant?

Peter Mitchell: I had to go to four different stores to buy four different kids of formula. Three different kids of diapers, bottles, towels, you have no idea how much crap these kids need.

Michael Kellam: How can something so small create so much of something so disgusting?
Peter: Beats the shit out of me.

Peter Mitchell: There's a quarter of a million dollars in heroin in the diaper pail and the new baby wipes are in the hall cabinet.

Jack Holden: Angelyne! Whew! Boy, you look different. What happened?
Angelyne: I'm dressed.

Rebecca: Jack has a baby?
Peter Mitchell: I realise such a concept tends to negate our belief in a benevolent God, but yes.

Continuity mistake: When the "ghost" is first seen, it is mostly obscured by a curtain; only its right shoulder is visible. In the next shot, however, it is right in the middle of the window, and nearly the entire cutout is exposed.

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Trivia: This is a remake of a French movie, "Trois hommes et un couffin". The sequel, though, was original.


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Question: When the three men decide to try to stop Sylvia from boarding the plane to London they go to the airport and are able to go through security right up to the gate to try to locate Sylvia and Mary. Was this actually possible for an international flight in 1987 when this movie was made? Could you go past airport security without a ticket and passport in 1987 for an international flight?

Blair Howden

Answer: Yes. Before 9-11-2001, non-passengers were allowed to go into airports and go to any of the gates. A lot of times, people would accompany friends or family members to their gate or be there for their arrival. And you wouldn't need a passport just to go to a gate with an international flight. In fact, one time I went to pick up a friend (pre cell phone days) and didn't see her come out and was afraid I missed her or didn't see her. So I asked one of the airline employees if she could check the manifest list to see if my friend was even on the flight, which she did to help me out. Things were much "simpler" back then.


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