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Trivia: The famous Japanese women's tag team The Jumping Bomb Angels appear in the movie as the Dolls' first opponents.


Trivia: Legendary women's wrestler Mild Burke trained Vicki Frederich and Laurene Landon for the movie. Here she only trained actors while previously she appeared in Below The Belt.


Trivia: Called The California Dolls overseas since "All The Marbles" was reportedly an American idiom foreign audiences wouldn't understand. According, either by Frederich or Landon, if they'd done a sequel it would've seen them and their manager Harry go to wrestle in Japan, a popular overseas market for American wrestlers at the time.


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Question: Given that Las Vegas is the bigger more glamorous and more well known on sporting events, why didn't The California Dolls vs Toledo Tigers Tag Team Title match take place there instead of Reno?


Answer: No reason is given but there could be any number of factors involved in why this location was chosen. However, it appears to be less about the plot than about real-life logistics. The event takes place at the MGM Grand Hotel in Reno. MGM financially backed this film, so this was an opportunity for them to showcase and promote their expensive hotel in the movie. Also, filming on MGM property would have given the production greater freedom on when, where, and how they wished to film, avoiding many of the costs, restraints, and restrictions often encountered when filming a movie.

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