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9.7/10. A great sports movie that's underrated with great chemistry between Peter Falk, Vicki Frederick, and Laurene Landon. Is one of those that should be watched and appreciated for its effort at telling a good story in the world of women' wrestling. I found it almost perfect and engaging never dull. Yeah it copies Rocky some but a lot of movies at the time did. The wrestling scenes are great with the action well paced and perfectly coordinated. The ladies were trained by Mildred Burke herself. I wish the sequel had been made, could've been just as good. A lot of people and critics complained about it mainly Siskel and Ebert. They just failed to understand the story which saw this tag team, The California Dolls. Struggling to get a tag team title shot with their manager. Just everything was well done, nothing was over the top or under. I recommend the movie very much and wish people would give it a far shot.


Other mistake: There's no way Harry could've smashed the cigarette vending machine at the gas station without somebody inside seeing him.

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Trivia: The famous Japanese women's tag team The Jumping Bomb Angels appear in the movie as the Dolls' first opponents.

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