Continuity mistake: Just after Dani re-reads the worrying email from her sister, she takes out her phone and holds it with both hands near the bottom. We are then shown a close-up of the phone and her right hand is now nearer to the top. (00:03:15)

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Other mistake: In the end credits, the cast is listed "in order of appearance." But the cast list in no way matches the order they first appeared in. (02:47:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Ingemar is watching Christian's body get engulfed by the fire, he is holding his hands together, with his fingers interlocked with each other in a slightly curved position. The shot then cuts to a different angle where his fingers are more bent. (02:43:20)

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Continuity mistake: When the female HÃ¥rgas are consoling Dani after she sees Christian having sex with Maja and they begin crying in unison, Dani's hair is tied back, but when it cuts to a different angle, a few strands of hair are suddenly hanging over the side of her head. (02:27:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Dani is looking at the photos of the commune, as Pelle says "we make those clothes special for every winter and summer solstice", he is holding the phone and begins to bend his thumb. In the next shot, his thumb is straightened with no bend. (00:23:30)

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Simon: So we just going to ignore the bear then?

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Trivia: During the feast in which Christian finds a pubic hair inside of his food, look closely at the drinks on the table. While the camera never calls direct attention to this, if you look closely, Christian's drink is very slightly darker than everyone else's. Earlier in the film, the camera briefly passes over a mural that depicts a woman collecting menstrual blood in a cup. (Along with the image of a woman cutting off pubic hairs, like the one Christian found in his food.) It seems Christian's drink has been laced with something he didn't expect.

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