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I rented this movie from RedBox.

From seeing the trailers to this film early on, I had high hopes that it would be as funny as it seemed there. I finally got around to watching it, and I must say I wasn't disappointing.
The film is a sort of reluctant buddy cop movie, but where it's more of a kick ass half competent Mr. Magoo with his bad eye sight forcing a situation on a misfortune Uber driver who just wan'ts to get good ratings. This sets up all sorts of possibilities for funny situations, and for the most part it does a good job of delivering on this.

The film is nothing ground breaking or all that original, but it's fun. Not a deep thought provoking film, but a rowdy romp that's sure to tickle your funny bone if the humor lands in your ball park. I certainly got a rise out of it, even with some of the more predictable beats of the film
I do highly recommend this movie as a good comedy.

Mistake Status: I caught a few on my first viewing that Sammo didn't get, lol. One day I'll buy this movie and revisit it.

Quantom X Premium member

I wouldn't be the the first one to draw a comparison between this movie and Collateral, but of course it's just for laughs: the general premise is very similar. Obviously it has much more to do with, well, just about every buddy cop movie ever, especially because the focus is on both. Both characters are extremes and really on the nose (hint: if you agree 100% with whatever either character says, the joke is on you), but it's how these movies work. So, if you hate Chris Tucker being his loud self, a Rush Hour movie needs to deliver great action and solid writing to make you forget that; if you don't exactly love Kumail Nanjiani making 'woke' commentary throughout every scene, does Stuber have enough not to be brought down to a screeching halt? The answer is probably 'no'.

The movie commits the cardinal sin of wasting a phenomenal performer like Iko Uwais, who absolutely kills it every time he's on screen as a uniquely dangerous criminal who makes everything seem easy and does it with finesse and a s**t eating grin. The action really shines when he is involved and makes you wish they structured the movie playing it much more straight than they did. In the middle part, the movie really slows down to explore the characters more, but does it through uninspired steps. Bautista's Mr. Magoo antics don't provide much in the entertainment area, not at all for his fault, as he is a perfect fit for the character and by far the best part of the movie with his counterpart. The few other characters in the movie, including Mira Sorvino, are very unremarkable.

Sammo Premium member

Other mistake: Vic and Stu get into a shoot out inside the animal hospital with some thugs, guns firing all over the place. The building is full of animals like dogs and cats and parrots. However, the animals stay completely calm and quiet during the entire gun fight and seem unaffected by the rapid, very loud banging of gun fire. Even right after it, a cat that just had it's tail stepped on sits on a dead body and meows like nothing happened. This is completely uncharacteristic of how animals would act to loud gunfire in an enclosed building, especially in a vet's. (00:45:00)

Quantom X Premium member
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Vic: You saved my ass, kid. You've got brass balls.
Stu: Don't talk about my balls.
Vic: It's me and you.
Stu: Leave my balls out of it.
Vic: We're a team, buddy.

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