Other mistake: Vic and Stu get into a shoot out inside the animal hospital with some thugs, guns firing all over the place. The building is full of animals like dogs and cats and parrots. However, the animals stay completely calm and quiet during the entire gun fight and seem unaffected by the rapid, very loud banging of gun fire. Even right after it, a cat that just had it's tail stepped on sits on a dead body and meows like nothing happened. This is completely uncharacteristic of how animals would act to loud gunfire in an enclosed building, especially in a vet's. (00:45:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Nicole is telling Stu that he might as well call his gym "Old Hag Bikes", he is looking at her and smiling. It cuts to a close up of him and suddenly he's looking slightly up and off to the side with a pondering face. (00:53:25)

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Plot hole: The 'real' villain needs Vic to investigate the drop and be there, so he'd be killed in an incriminating spot. Problem is, the boss also throws in a deadly ambush by a whole gang early in the day; if they killed Vic, Vic would have not been where the boss needed him to be. Even more absurd is the fact that the boss is also aware in advance that Vic is having Lasik that day, making it the worst day ever to pick for such a scheme. There was basically no chance Vic could pull off the investigation in that state, and even in the unlikely (it does happen in the movie!) case that he'd manage to show up blind as a bat at the drug deal and get killed as intended, nobody investigating would ever believe that someone with a major drug deal on his hands would have gone through eye surgery the same day.

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Vic: You saved my ass, kid. You've got brass balls.
Stu: Don't talk about my balls.
Vic: It's me and you.
Stu: Leave my balls out of it.
Vic: We're a team, buddy.

Stu: I'm gonna need therapy for the rest of my life. And I don't have insurance. So I'm gonna have to get cheap student therapists who quote white guys with Indian names and tell me that I should meditate. I...DO...MEDITATE! (00:50:00)

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Richie: Becca, I like your shoes. They don't really go with your outfit, but, uh, you can pull it off.
Becca: Oh, Richie, thank you. I like your facial hair. Although, am I your type? 'Cause I'm over 12.

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