The Dead Don't Die

Revealing mistake: When Hank severs the head of the second zombie with the shears, the body staggers against the barricade, and one of the planks that is supposedly keeping away a throng of zombies from the HW store wobbles going noticeably out of place. (01:05:50)

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Revealing mistake: When the zombie crawls into the hardware store breaking through the bottom part of the barricade, you can already see on the wood plank the line where the wood is supposed to snap in half. (01:05:20)

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Character mistake: Selena Gomez drives into town in a fully restored 1967 Pontiac Le Mans, which is a long box shaped car. However, when confronted with Bill Murray and Adam Driver, Adam Driver complements her on her 1968 Pontiac Le Mans, which is a completely redesigned shorter curved body style. The two look nothing alike.

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Cliff Robertson: He only gave me our scenes. I never saw a complete script. After all I've done for that guy, and it's a lot that you don't even know about. What a dick.

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Trivia: Hermit Bob examines a gravestone and leaves; the name on it is Samuel M. Fuller, homage to the filmmaker of the same name and always considered by Jarmusch as one of his favourites. (00:57:40)

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