Big Bully

Big Bully (1996)


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Kirby: Dad are we really going to New York City?
Roscoe Bigger: That's why they call them mobile homes, son, 'cause they're mobile.

Young Fang: Hi Davy. Thought you were pretty funny this morning didn't ya?
Young David: What are you talking about?
Young Fang: The spelling bee. Mrs. Fitsimonds let you pick the words, and you picked USSR and everybody laughed when I got it wrong.
Young David: I make the same mistake myself. Is it one S or two?

David Leary: I'm very sorry about this, sir, I can assure you it won't happen again. Will it Ben?
Ben: Who can predict the future?
David Leary: I can.

Roscoe Bigger: And when those junior psychos asked me what I was in there for, I had to tell them I was there because I stole A freakin' rock.

Roscoe "Fang" Bigger: You were my friend and you betrayed me.
David Leary: You thought we were friends? You beat me up, you humiliated me, I'm 35 years old and I still have nightmares about the fourth grade! That's not what friends do for eachother, a friend is supposed to make you feel good about yourself.
Roscoe "Fang" Bigger: Really? Then you're the best friend I ever had.

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