Wonder Woman 1984

Trivia: Panning around Diana's apartment, the camera briefly lingers on a photo of her with an elderly lady, with no elaboration of its significance. But look closely and you'll realise the woman in the photo is Etta from the first movie, again played by Lucy Davis, just made up to look 67 years older.

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Trivia: The golden armour was seen in the Kingdom Come comic book.


Trivia: Original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter has a cameo at the end of the movie.


Trivia: At one point during the movie Wonder Woman uses her lasso to move around by riding the lightning. This is a reference to the Metallica album "Ride the lightning" which came out in 1984. (02:04:00)


Plot hole: Wonder Woman says they can't fly commercially because Steve Trevor doesn't have a passport. Except the movie established that only Wonder Woman sees him as Steve Trevor. To the rest of the world he's still the man whose body Steve has inhabited, so there's no reason he can't use his passport.

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Suggested correction: In 1989, the earliest date I could find records for, only 3% of US citizens had passports. The overwhelming likelihood is that the real man doesn't have a passport, and given they've spent time in his apartment too, looking for clothes in a montage we didn't see every second of, they clearly also looked around for other relevant information/documents.

Suggested correction: There's no reason to assume the man he is inhabiting has a passport.

Except common sense? The point is she says Steve doesn't have a passport, not thinking about the original body owner having one. Or getting one really quickly.


The percentage of American citizens with passports is quite low. It's far more likely that he would not have a passport than that he would.

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Diana Prince: Nothing good is born from lies. And greatness is not what you think.

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