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Other mistake: Fireworks use heated metals to produce the various colors seen when they explode - Iron, Nickel, Cryolite, magnesium and copper filings. Flying a jet engine through exploding fireworks would cause serious damage to the engine.

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Suggested correction: Diana had conjured an invisibility shield around the jet that would likely protect it from the fireworks.

raywest Premium member

Agreed, the spell does obviously do more than just make the plane invisible. When looking at the invisibility of Themyscira, the spell obviously filters out the atmosphere and only can't keep out solid objects like planes and ships.


If the cloak of invisibility "filters out the atmosphere", how is the air needed to run the engines getting in?

It filters the atmosphere, not keep it away. So it keeps the atmosphere that comes in clean.


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Trivia: Panning around Diana's apartment, the camera briefly lingers on a photo of her with an elderly lady, with no elaboration of its significance. But look closely and you'll realise the woman in the photo is Etta from the first movie, again played by Lucy Davis, just made up to look 67 years older.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Question: Why did Diana destroy the mall's security cameras, and why did she want the little girl to stay quiet?

Answer: At this point in time, her gig as a superhero is not public knowledge, and she wants it to stay that way.

Phaneron Premium member

How would that accomplish anything considering there were many people in the mall who saw what happened?

It really wouldn't, but then again, the writers didn't put much thought into this movie.

Phaneron Premium member

As the other answer indicated, Diana/Wonder Woman wasn't yet known publicly as a super-hero. A video recording is different from eye-witness accounts of what people actually saw or believe they saw. Memories are faulty, they fade, and everyone sees and remembers things differently. Regarding the child, I interpreted it as Diana just motioning in a friendly way for the rather precocious girl to stay put, behave, and quietly wait for her mother.

raywest Premium member

In my opinion, it wouldn't, and it's just another example of the shoddy writing in this film.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Answer: This was long before the age of superheroes, when everything was normal and meta-humans were just theories in a lab. It was her appearances which stated it all. Remember the tagline, "The Dawn of Justice Begins with Her."

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