Men in Black: International

Trivia: The film features a cameo from Frank the pug, who appeared in the first two films, but was absent from "Men in Black 3." Oddly enough, despite only appearing in the film for a few seconds, Frank appears quite prominently on several posters and even on the DVD cover art for the film. (The same is true for the "worm guys," who also appear on posters and the DVD cover despite only having a brief cameo in the film).


Trivia: Early in pre-production, the film was going to be a humorous crossover between the "Men in Black" and "21 Jump Street" film franchises, featuring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill having to go undercover in MIB. The working title was "MIB - 23." The idea was dropped, presumably due to its outlandishness.


Trivia: To date the only "Men in Black" film not directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, and the only "Men in Black" movie not to feature Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. (Although a painting of Jones and Smith is visible in the film).


Plot hole: Spoiler. Agent M points out as highly suspicious that the twin assassins knew the location of Vungus, and High T backs her up on this, saying that only a handful of MIB officers could have leaked that information. High T also established that those aliens were part of the Hive collective. It turned out that they were not part of the Hive, and the Hive connection was made-up entirely by the villain himself...which is the Hive! What he did was absurdly counterproductive to his cause: nothing except the report he himself made up connected the Hive at all with the case.

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Agent H: There should be a big red button 'round here somewhere.
Agent M: Found it.

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