Sonic the Hedgehog

Continuity mistake: During the chase scene with Robotnik's robotic vehicle, at one point an EMP device is launched which misses Tom and Sonic's pickup truck and instead latches onto a minivan in front of it. Except just a few shots prior, there was a wideshot of the road, and you can see that Tom's pickup truck and the robotic vehicle were the only cars on the road. The minivan just sort-of... appears.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, we see a portion of the climax where Robotnik is chasing Sonic. At one point in the very first shot, he runs up the side of a building, onto the roof, then back down. However, when we see the complete chase at the end of the film, he never runs up that building.


Continuity mistake: Robotnik's shaving his head, leaving smudges on it. A shot later his head's suddenly clean. (01:29:10)


Continuity mistake: Maybe it's the lighting on the Mushroom World but Dr Robotnik's mustache looks red when prior to that it was brown.

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Suggested correction: This may have been intentional. In the final scene on the Mushroom Planet, Robotnik looks closer to his video game counterpart; he shaves his head and his mustache is much longer.

This is probably done to make way for Eggman in the second movie (which is in talks).

Visible crew/equipment: When Tom and Sonic pull over and the mini drone explodes, knocking Sonic unconscious, the camera pans away and you can see emergency vehicles blocking the road on the right of the screen, presumably closing down the road for filming.

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Sonic the Hedgehog: Look at this, I took nine million steps today.

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Trivia: The film's first trailer - in particular the design chosen for Sonic - was so poorly received, that the director confirmed on Twitter two days later that the studio was committed to changing the design to quell the backlash.

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