Hot Water

Other mistake: In late evening a messenger boy riding a bicycle stops across the street from Harold's house. As he turns the handlebars toward the left, the bicycle light shines through the front window of Harold's house. However, in the close-up of the window, the light is shown moving from left to right. It should be moving from right to left.

Steven Lee

Continuity mistake: Harold takes a bottle of chloroform away from his young nephew and puts it in his pocket. The label says "Chloroform, 2% alcohol." Twice at dinner, Harold looks at the bottle and a close-up is shown. In the second close-up the "2% alcohol" is missing from the label.

Steven Lee
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Title Card: Married life is like dandruff - it falls heavily upon your shoulders - you get a lot of free advice about it - but up to date nothing has been found to cure it.

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