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Bird Box (2018)

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After getting through the rapids on the river the trio are washed up on the shore. The monster attacks each of them separately, trying to convince them it is safe to remove their blindfold. After getting separated they reunite and make it to the sanctuary, which is a school for blind people. Once inside they release their birds to help the others detect when the spirit is near. We then see the kids be named Olivia and Tom and go off to play with other children for the first time in their lives.


Continuity mistake: When she is in the boat she takes off her blindfold entirely, but after some talking the blindfold is around her neck all of a sudden.

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Douglas: Every contact we've had with the outside has brought us death!

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Trivia: Following the success of this film, Netflix had to release a statement begging views to not try the "Bird Box Challenge" that was sweeping social media and putting many people in hospital. A news article on the incident can be viewed here

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