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Corrected entry: If Aquaman had lifted the sub up to the surface that fast, everyone onboard (both the sailors and the pirates) would be dead because they didn't properly decompress.

Correction: Because the pressure inside a submarine is the same as at the surface. In other words, they never experience any pressure increase on their body since the submarine is protecting them.

Corrected entry: The ability to breathe outside the water changes from one Atlantian to another - Arthur, Volko and Mera can do it, but Orm and the soldiers have trouble with it, then in the last fight with Aquaman now Orm can breath fine.


Correction: Only high born Atlantians can breath air, others like soldiers choke to death without water to breathe. This is mentioned in the movie. The reason Orm seemed to struggle was because he didn't see it coming and because it was probably his first time ever. The second time he was prepared for it.


Corrected entry: Orm was reigning at the time Steppenwolf stole the mother box from Atlantis - he should be rejected by his people but in the film he is loved and admired by everyone instead.


Correction: This is an opinion, not a mistake.

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Continuity mistake: While Arthur as 16 year old trains with Vulko he falls into the water and gets his back wet, but in the next shot the shirt is dry.

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Arthur Curry: My parents were of two different worlds, and I was a product of the love that they shared. A son of land, and a son of the seas.

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Trivia: The design of the outfit of Ocean Master is taken from the new 52 comic series.

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