Tarantula (1955)


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Dr. Matt Hastings: But what if circumstances magnified one of them in size and strength, took it out of its primitive world and turned it loose in ours?
Prof. Townsend: Then expect something that's fiercer, more cruel and deadly than anything that ever walked the earth.

Dr. Matt Hastings: Listen, I'm just a country doctor, but I know what I know, and I know agromegalia doesn't turn up in four days out of left field.

Dr. Matt Hastings: If there's anything a man hates it's to be told he's wrong when he knows he's right.

Prof. Gerald Deemer: I know, but the history of medicine is the history of the unusual.

Dr. Matt Hastings: Give women the vote and what do you get? Lady scientists.

Sheriff Jack Andrews: What have you got, Matt?
Dr. Matt Hastings: I don't know, but we gotta keep our minds open and our mouths shut till we DO know.

Dr. Matt Hastings: The desert, it gives people wonderful ideas.

Continuity mistake: Just before the giant tarantula attacks the house where heroine Mara Corday is studying, you can see several book on the library table at the big picture window. The largest book on the table keeps shifting positions in several scenes.

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Trivia: The jet squadron leader is played by a young Clint Eastwood in an uncredited role.

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