Constantine City of Demons: The Movie

Other mistake: Constantine is driving along a road and an big rig truck is heading for him head on. The truck honks and they both hit the brakes, stopping just a foot away from each other. But at the speed the truck was moving it could not have possibly stopped so quickly. It would have skidded into Constantine's car. (00:35:00)

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Continuity mistake: As the film starts, young Constantine is smoking a cigarette with a close up of his fingers. The camera angle changes and suddenly his fingers are in noticeably different positions. Most obvious is the finger nails are facing towards his left and then his right. (00:00:30)

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[Being chased by demon dogs.]
Chas: Who sent them?!
John Constantine: One of Beroul's competitors, no doubt. Wants to stop me before I stop them.
Chas: Can't you just, I don't know. Magic them away!?
John Constantine: Who the hell do you think I am, Benedict bloody Cumberbatch?

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