Ralph Breaks the Internet

Factual error: While bidding on eBay for the steering wheel, Vanelope tries to up the $350 bid by bidding $1,000. This scares off the real bidder, but Ralph and Vanelope don't understand how eBay works and bid against each other until they win with a $27,001 bid. That's not how eBay works. Vanelope's initial $1,000 bid wouldn't have set the high mark, but would simply have been her maximum bid in case the other bidder kept increasing his bid. The current high bid would have increased by the increment amount until it reached Vanelope's max bid. Now, it could be that the system recognized Ralph and Vanelope as separate bidders and that's why it let them keep upping the max bid. But, if the system had responded normally and simply increased Vanelope's bid to $355 with a max of $1,000, they might have realised what was going on and not started bidding randomly.

Continuity mistake: In Wreck-It Ralph, Sugar Rush is a two-person game. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, suddenly it is only for one player.


Continuity mistake: In "Wreck It Ralph", Mr. Litwak's name is Stan, but in this film, his name tag says Del Litwak.

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Continuity mistake: Spanish release only: When Ralph reads the comments column the text he reads is in Spanish. When the shot changes it's in English.

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Continuity mistake: Spanish release only: The "You're my hero" text on Ralph's medal keeps swapping between Spanish and English.

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Other mistake: Vanellope steals a car from the Slaughter Race game and speeds off. Shank, the main character of the game, commandeers another car and chases Vanellope. When Shank's car is seen in Vanellope's rear-view mirror, the image is not reversed. Shank appears to be driving from the passenger seat.

Steven Lee
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Suggested correction: We see the mirror and it in fact is a mirror image of Shank driving.

Factual error: Near the beginning of the film there is a warning sign that the "Tron" game has a virus. How does an arcade game get a virus?

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Suggested correction: I don't believe it was actually a virus in the game. It was more of a bug in the coding that arose, probably in just that particular cabinet after wear and tear. However, the characters in the arcades would not really have a full understanding of a virus and would conceivably use the terms of virus, bug, and possibly even glitch interchangeably. I don't think it was an actual virus or a mistake in the movie, but just the miss-information that the characters were going off. Especially seeing as how we see the physical/cyber manifestation of a virus later in the film.

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Respectfully, that's just speculation. What you "believe" to be the case doesn't make it so.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

The intent of the movie however, is.

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KnowsMore: I got 130 results for "Where does my high school girlfriend live now?"

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Trivia: When Ralph and Venellope arrive in the internet they are bombarded with pop up ads. One of those ads features a picture of a woman with short brown hair. That woman is Aunt Cass from the Disney animated film, "Big Hero 6." In addition, Baymax from that movie makes a cameo appearance at, "Oh My Disney!"

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