Ralph Breaks the Internet

New this month Continuity mistake: In Wreck-It Ralph, Sugar Rush is a two-person game. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, suddenly it is only for one player.

New this month Continuity mistake: Spanish release only: When Ralph reads the comments column the text he reads is in Spanish. When the shot changes it's in English.

Sacha Premium member

New this month Continuity mistake: Spanish release only: The "You're my hero" text on Ralph's medal keeps swapping between Spanish and English.

Sacha Premium member

Other mistake: Vanellope steals a car from the Slaughter Race game and speeds off. Shank, the main character of the game, commandeers another car and chases Vanellope. When Shank's car is seen in Vanellope's rear-view mirror, the image is not reversed. Shank appears to be driving from the passenger seat.

Steven Lee

Factual error: While bidding on Ebay for the steering wheel, Ralph gets the high bid up to $27,000 by bidding against himself. On Ebay, this is not possible. This would only have raised his maximum bid limit to $27,000. The current high bid would have increased by the increment amount until it reached Ralph's max bid. The high bid would not have immediately gone to $27,000.

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