Day of the Dead: Bloodline

Stupidity: Zoe and her team go into the medical university to get medical supplies for their camp and Lily. As they are leaving, Zoe sees the Epidemiology room where she used to work and waits, letting her team run off leaving her behind and then goes into the room alone so she can get pictures and some small bottles. Letting her team run off leaving her by herself in a zombie infested building in a city without telling her team that she's not following them. And this did lead to her having to shoot at a zombie that jumped her, alerting the other zombies around, and is what got Frank killed and lead to the smart zombie stowing away on their Hummers and sneaking into their camp. (00:29:35)

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Revealing mistake: Baca is using a pistol to shoot the zombies towards the end and still has this same pistol at the end. When he's on the ground about to shoot himself to stop from turning, it shows a close up of his pistol which reveals it's a 6mm BB gun. (01:20:15)

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Max: Like a vampire... sucking me dry. (00:06:50)

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