Day of the Dead: Bloodline

Revealing mistake: Baca is using a pistol to shoot the zombies towards the end and still has this same pistol at the end. When he's on the ground about to shoot himself to stop from turning, it shows a close up of his pistol which reveals it's a 6mm BB gun. (01:20:15)

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Revealing mistake: After the zombies get loose inside the compound and attack the civilian sector, a woman in a blue bandanna gets jumped and pulled down behind a counter and killed. A blood spurt flies up to signify she's been bitten, however the splash of blood comes from in front of the counter. (01:16:00)

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Plot hole: Max, an intelligent zombie, gets into the air duct system and is crawling around above peoples' heads. This is an aluminum metal tube with open vents and he's a clumsy, untrained zombie. He climbs over peoples' heads in the vents banging the metal but nobody ever hears him. When Zoe and Baca kiss in the hallway, he even growls in anger and shifts around, not even 10 feet away from them growling through an open vent. Yet nobody ever hears him, until its convenient for the plot later and a guy thinks it's rats. (00:41:30)

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More mistakes in Day of the Dead: Bloodline

Max: Like a vampire... sucking me dry. (00:06:50)

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Alphonse: Frank, what do you miss, man? Ice cream Sundays, chicken nuggets?
Frank: I miss people shutting the fuck up.

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