Striking Distance
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Jimmy Detillo: Did you get fucked? Because Tommy's made a living out of fucking his partners.

Tom Hardy: How was California?
Danny Detillo: Sunny.
Tom Hardy: Sunny? You've been out there two years and that's all you've got to say?
Danny Detillo: The Simpsons are on an hour earlier.

Jimmy Detillo: I got a new game. Everybody dies.

Jimmy Detillo: Who's the best cop?
Tom Hardy: You Jimmy... always you.

Det. Nick Detillo: There's an old Italian saying: Never scald your tongue on another man's soup.
Tom Hardy: Yeah? There's an old Irish saying: don't listen to old Italian sayings.

Lieutenant Vincent Hardy: Loyalty above all else... except honor.

Lieutenant Vincent Hardy: Do you know what my dad used to say? Loyalty before all else exept honor.

Det. Eddie Eiler: You belong on the river, you fuckin' rat.

Tom Hardy: Maybe you need a drink to ease the pain of being wrong.

Factual error: During the car chase at the beginning, they are chasing a car on Bigelow Blvd., less than a mile from downtown Pittsburgh and we see a big, brick hill they chase down. This hill is actually in Duquesne, PA more than ten miles south east of Pittsburgh. Then as you're watching they are still in the same area as Bigelow Blvd., in the Polish Hill section of Pittsburgh.

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Question: Tom Hardy puts his shotgun shells in his mouth before swimming from his patrol boat to the larger boat. Why is this?

Answer: Because they'd be completely useless if he allowed them to get soaked by the water.

Tailkinker Premium member

But his head comes out of the water. So the shells got wet anyway.

Answer: That's not true but the shotgun shells he was using are waterproof.

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