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Ocean's Eight (2018)

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Corrected entry: When Debbie Ocean and Lou are talking in the jeep, in the first shot the window behind Debbie is open about an inch, in every other shot it's closed.

Correction: Well, I checked between point 0:09:15 and point 0:09:47. I distinguish four shots, each a couple of seconds, in which the right-side rear window is visible: 0:09:21 (before the jeep moves), 0:09:30 (moving jeep), 0:09:36 and 0:09:42. I am afraid in all of them the window is one centimeter short of being closed.


Corrected entry: When they covered every inch of the museum they conveniently missed out a spot where Daphne Kluger kissed Claude Becker.

Correction: There is no evidence to support that they missed that certain spot! It is quite possible that the kissing scene was recorded on the camera, and even seen by the security personnel, the Ocean's 8 (who had tapped into the system) and even Mr. Fraser himself. When Daphne Kludger (played by Anne Hathaway) denied having been ever alone with Claude at 1:26:03 point, Fraser didn't necessary believe her. Quite to the contrary, on point 1:26:36, he said "I have five innocent people who seem to be suspects", one of whom is Daphne.


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