Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight (2018)


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Debbie Ocean: I know you're there, Reuben. You can come on out.
Reuben: I was just paying my respects.
Debbie Ocean: From around the corner? What are you doing here?
Reuben: They thought I'd be the best one to talk to you.
Debbie Ocean: Hmm. Gotta go.
Reuben: He didn't want you to do this, Deborah.
Debbie Ocean: Do what?
Reuben: Whatever it is he wouldn't tell us you're gonna do.

Parole Board Officer: As you know, parole is a privilege. And one of the restrictions on any parolee, is to avoid the company of any person who has a criminal record of any kind. That would include most of your extended family
Debbie Ocean: Yeah, that's obviously not something I'm proud of.
Parole Board Officer: Would this pose an impossible challenge for you?
Debbie Ocean: No, no. I don't want that life. I never wanted that life. My brother, um... May he rest in peace, was a criminal. I loved him, but he was a conman. It was in his blood.
Parole Board Officer: And it's not in your blood?
Debbie Ocean: No, sir. I fell for the wrong person. It was a mistake. But it happened. And if I were to be released, I would, um... Sorry. Wow, just saying that... If I were to be released, I would just want the simple life. I just wanna hold down a job, make some friends, go for a walk after work in the fresh air and pay my bills.

Rose Weil: Lest we forget, this entire enterprise was to keep me out of jail.

Rose Weil: I'm old, and I'm going to prison. Then I'm going to be really, really poor.

Debbie Ocean: [At grave] You would've loved it.

Debbie Ocean: How long would it take you to make seven pieces of jewelry, if the stones were already cut?
Amita: Probably five or six hours.
Debbie Ocean: How long if I told you, you didn't have to live with your mother anymore?
Amita: Less.

Debbie Ocean: I couldn't even hear myself think. You know, five women in one cell. So I got myself thrown in solitary for a little peace and quiet, and that's where I finally came up with it.

Debbie Ocean: If you're going to have a problem with stealing, then you're not going to like the rest of this conversation.

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