Visible crew/equipment: When Frankie (Patricia Arquette) returns to work after receiving the hand wounds, something catches her attention and she goes to the window to look at a mysterious woman. At one point, a group of doves burst from the ground to the right of the woman (from Frankie's view). if you look directly where the dove's come from, you can see the travelling cage they are released from. if you look a little more to the side, you can see a stage hand laying on the ground, shaking the cage so the doves will come out.

Visible crew/equipment: After Patricia Arquette has another attack in a nightclub, she runs down an alleyway, pursued by Gabriel Byrne. As she stands cornered, you can see the boom mike overhead in several shots.

Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning where Andrew is in the church taking pictures of the crying statue, right as the pigeons begin to fly from behind, you can see someone's hand in the bottom right corner making the birds fly on cue.

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