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Continuity mistake: When Frankie is about to receive the first stigmata (when sitting in the bath), a pigeon suddenly flies up. When she takes a piece of a feather that flew into the water, you can already see stigmata marks on her right-hand wrists.

Visible crew/equipment: When Frankie (Patricia Arquette) returns to work after receiving the hand wounds, something catches her attention and she goes to the window to look at a mysterious woman. At one point, a group of doves burst from the ground to the right of the woman (from Frankie's view). if you look directly where the dove's come from, you can see the travelling cage they are released from. if you look a little more to the side, you can see a stage hand laying on the ground, shaking the cage so the doves will come out.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where she received the wounds to her head she runs from the night-club back to her apartment where the priest is waiting for her. She runs down an alley and he pursues her. As he sets of his coat is buttoned-up, then as he goes down the alley it is undone, and as he comes round the corner to where she is hiding it is done up again.

Continuity mistake: When Frankie is in the bathtub and is about to be stigmatized for the first time, (wrists), you can see she's wearing a nude colored bra. In the next underwater shot she is completely naked.

Continuity mistake: After she receives the head wounds, the next scene she is on the roof of her apartment, she takes out the brown cloth and reads it again, and stands up, in this whole scene the head wounds are gone, in the next scene she is talking to the priest and the wounds are back again.

Continuity mistake: When Frankie lifts her bandages to show the priest her wounds, you see that there are no wounds, just blood.

Continuity mistake: In the cafe scene, watch the bottle of beer in Byrne's hand. When he says "alcohol was invented by monks", he lifts the bottle to take a drink. The camera cuts to a wide shot, and he is finishing a swallow of beer. In another shot he puts it down and you can faintly hear a "clink" as it touches the table. There is a cut to a shot of both of them, and Byrne is moving the bottle towards the table. As it touches, it clinks again.

Continuity mistake: In the apartment scene when she attacks him, just after they kiss, in one shot they are virtually touching, in the next they have jumped apart.

Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning where Andrew is in the church taking pictures of the crying statue, right as the pigeons begin to fly from behind, you can see someone's hand in the bottom right corner making the birds fly on cue.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the girl beats up Gabriel Byrne in her apartment, she throws him around the apartment into large shelves and through a plate glass window but he never seems to get cut.

Visible crew/equipment: The scene where Frankie gets the crown of thorns. As she runs outside, there appears to be a boom mic or some sort of equipment.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the subway, you see the train from the front two times, and it is a gray train, but you can also see a pole sticking out of the front window. When the train gets to the station, it is a red train.

Factual error: The movie is supposed to be set in Pittsburgh, but the building Frankie's apartment is in is a well known building called the Eastern Columbia Building located in Los Angeles.


Continuity mistake: In the cafe scene where Frankie tells Donna she's a week late, Donna places her order while grabbing a roll from the bread basket. When the camera cuts away from her and then back on her she grabs a roll again.

Factual error: Near the start, the letter received from Brazil has a stamp with Brazil written with a Z, but stamps spell it Brasil, with an S. (00:08:35)


Factual error: The movie is supposed to be set in Pittsburgh in the late 90's. A couple of scenes take place on a subway, but Pittsburgh didn't have an underground subway system at the time.


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Suggested correction: Pittsburgh does have a subway that looks just like what's in the movie.

I live in Pittsburgh and at the time the movie took place around the late 90's and early 2000's we didn't have an underground subway. We only had a trolley called the "T" that went underground for a very short distance, but it mostly runs above ground and looks nothing like the subway in the movie. Whoever submitted the correction is probably referring to the North Shore Connector, but it didn't open til 2012. It too isn't a true subway either and only goes underground a very short distance.


Marion Petrocell: The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in buildings of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a stone and you will find me.

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Trivia: After Frankie tears up the apartment, possessed by the priest, she goes to the bed and levitates in a cruciform position. During this scene, there is a quick, sweeping shot of the wall and, if you watch it in slow motion, you can see a wall of boxes of Ritz crackers. This is either an obvious endorsement or some kind of inside joke.

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Question: What is the meaning of the scene with the hooded blond woman throwing her child in the street? Frankie sees her, starts yelling, and the scene creates a mysterious mood, but I don't really see any connection to the plot.

Answer: Earlier in the movie Frankie thinks she's pregnant and is contemplating abortion. Hence the throwing the child away reference here.


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