Steel Magnolias

Continuity mistake: At Truvy's, during the diabetic attack. The juice glass that Sally Fields is trying to force down Shelby (Julia Roberts) changes levels during the different cuts, but nobody refills the glass. (00:24:45)

Continuity mistake: When Ouiser is trying to tie up her dog and hold it back, between shots her handbag repeatedly goes from hanging on her arm to laying on the floor. (00:15:20)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Shelby is getting her hair done before her wedding, she begins to have a diabetic attack. Sally Field lifts up the hair dryer she is under...then in the next shot, you can see her lift it again.

Continuity mistake: The Christmas decorations in the outside of the house change as to where they are and what they are.

Revealing mistake: When Truvy is blow-drying Shelby's hair after she's cut it short, you can tell the blow dryer is not really turned on. The sound was obviously added in later at a lower volume so the characters could talk comfortably over it. Dolly Parton is running her fingers through Julia Roberts' hair to hide the evidence, but if you look closely, you'll see that none of the hair is actually being blown. The only hair moving at any given time is the part that Parton is actually touching.


Revealing mistake: During the Christmas scene at Truvy's, after Enelle has just finished decorating the outside of the house, she stands on the porch and talks to Shelby and Truvy. We see Clairee in the foreground, her lips moving and her animated, as if she is talking to someone just off camera. (This is a common practice in plays, for example, if we want the audience to hear one conversation, all the other characters will pantomime talking so the conversation can be heard.) So this would be fine - except that there is no one left for Clairee to be talking to. Everyone else has either gone into the house or is on the porch behind her, and Oiser hasn't arrived yet.

Continuity mistake: In the wedding reception dance scene, you see a couple dancing amongst the guests on the dance floor. The female is wearing a seafoam green dress with a large matching bow in her hair. About 2/3 of the way through the song "On the Bayou," you see this same couple run onto the dance floor from off camera to watch the featured dance couple, as if they had never been on the dance floor at all.


Continuity mistake: Janice van Meter's dress at beginning of the reception is floral with a flowing bottom. Then when when dancing with Trudy's son and looks like "2 pigs fighting" its tight and cream.

Continuity mistake: When M'Lynn and Truvy are sitting in the backyard drinking tea after the funeral, there is no greenery next to where Truvy is sitting. In the next shot, when Clairee and Ouiser walk in the backyard together next to Truvy, there are now bushes and some trees that weren't present in the shot beforehand.


Continuity mistake: In the scene after Shelby's funeral has taken Place where M'Lynn, Truvy and baby Jackson are in the backyard, Annelle is bringing the two ladies some tea. In the next shot, Ouiser and Clairee walk into the backyard and now present in the shot next to Truvy is a small tree and shrubbery that was not there before.


Truvy: Louie brought his new girlfriend over, and the nicest thing I can say is all her tattoos are spelled correctly.

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Trivia: This is a true story. After the death of his sister, Robert Harling locked himself in a room and 10 days later came out with this play which 3 years later became a movie. The movie was even filmed in the town that where everything happened and the nurse and doctors who cared for his sister Susan played themselves in the movie.

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Question: In the scene where Shelby and Jackson are eating the wedding cake, what was the point of Nancy Beth telling Shelby that Jackson is "one big-hanging man"? And how does Nancy Beth even know?

Answer: Nancy Beth, who has had a crush on Jackson, is likely jealous that he is marrying Shelby rather than her. She is trying to ruin Shelby's happiness with her spiteful comment, hinting that she has been intimate with Jackson, though it is uncertain if she ever has been.

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Answer: Reading this answer, I just now put two and two together. While it's obvious Nancy Beth is referring to the fact that she's been with Jackson intimately, it kind of refers to the "ladies man" persona Jackson has. It also foreshadows for later in the film, when Shelby bitterly says, "Jackson loves to hunt for anything", he is what used to be called "a skirt chaser." I always felt that having babies wasn't the only reason Shelby reconsidered marrying Jackson. I always suspected she feared womanizing on the side would happen.

Answer: She's basically saying she has had a piece of him already and was trying to ruin her day by reminding her of their affair. This also helps clarify when Shelby tells her mom she's pregnant, that they are having marital problems pretty much he is cheating on her.

Answer: She'd definitely been to bed with him. Nancy Beth was known as kind of loose, as you can see her mom had to reel her in at the wedding. Then there was the Miss Merry Christmas scandal where she was stripped of her title because she was found in a hotel room with I believe one of the judges. Shelby tried to appease Jackson by having a baby, to try to keep his interest at home.

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