Plot hole: The gate appears to have about 40 symbols on it, and they already had the first 6 of the 7 needed for the sequence. After dialing the first 6, Catherine said that was as far as they had ever gotten, so we know they had dialed the first 6 before. Except they didn't need Jackson to figure out the riddle since all they had to do was try each of the remaining symbols as the seventh, one by one, until they found the one that worked. So with a maximum of about 40 tries they would have found it a long time ago, all without Jackson's help.

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Suggested correction: The project is in military hands and its quite possible the military decided not to experiment further with the device before they knew for sure they got the correct symbol, considering the shaking that already starts when the 6th symbol is locked. Its possible that dialing it is too dangerous to try 40 times because it endangers the facility or the device itself.


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