Darkest Hour

Factual error: The underground station shown is not St. James Park, which would be 1 stop east on the District line. St. James Park has green and yellow tiles on the wall indicating District and Circle lines. The platform in the film has black and brown tiles, indicating Northern and Bakerloo lines, neither of which serve St. James Park.


Factual error: Neville Chamberlain is described as chairman of the Conservative Party. He was actually party leader. Party chairman is a separate post, which was held at that time by Sir Douglas Hacking.


Factual error: Churchill is frequently shown drinking from Waterford Crystal initially in the first scene when he drinks whisky with breakfast. The ‘Lismore' style shown was not introduced until 1952.

Factual error: When flying to France to have talks with the French premier a C47/Dakota is shown in the background intimating that it was the plane he came in. The C47 did not enter service with the RAF until after this period of the film with Lend Lease.

Continuity mistake: When Churchill is delivering his first speech on May 13th, Neville Chamberlain places a handkerchief on his leg to use as a signal to his fellow MPs. During the speech you can see Chamberlain sitting a few places away from Churchill but the handkerchief is missing. Then, a short while later in the same scene, the handkerchief is back with Chamberlain's hand over it.


New this month Factual error: A quartz clock is shown (it being quartz can be understood by the movement of the second hand, jumping each second). It was only in the 1960s that the development of cheap semiconductor digital logic made their public and domestic use possible - their use before that was limited to some specific applications (like some scientific laboratories and so on).

Factual error: Churchill's ride on the Underground to Westminster (disregarding whether or not it happened) would have been on either the District or Circle line, both of which, being sub-surface lines, use larger rolling stock. The action took place on a much smaller "tube" type train.


Factual error: While assessing Churchill's record as First Lord of the Admiralty, the loss of an aircraft carrier during the Norway campaign was mentioned. In fact, Glorious was lost on June 8 1940 - roughly a month after Churchill's appointment as PM. (00:16:05)

Factual error: The King does not wear pilot's wings above the rank lace on his left sleeve. Photos show that he always wore them, as he was a qualified military pilot.


Factual error: Winston Churchill is sitting on the air ministry roof with the lights on. There was a blackout in place so no lights should have been showing.

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