Continuity mistake: Near the end when Jake realises he has to go into space to get to the section he needs to access to put the code in, there is about 2 minutes and 50 seconds left on the Geostorm clock. The next shot he has a space suit on and proceeds into space. The next time the clock is shown it says around 1:40. There's no way he went and found that suit, put it on by himself, and got where he needed to be in under 1 minute.

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Continuity mistake: The female lead holds a gun on the President in a hallway. At first the camera is behind her and she has no gun in her hand. The shot transitions to the opposite side and she is holding a pistol.

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Continuity mistake: The guy buying items at the store hears a sound and the eggs fall out. When they hit the ground, only one cracks open. In a second shot, two are cracked.

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