Character mistake: Jim Sturgess uses a sentence that contains the word 'me'. He is corrected, being told that the word 'I' would have been correct. However, he was grammatically correct in his use of the word 'me'. The correction was in error.

Factual error: The film opens stating how a series of worldwide events destroyed major cities in the year 2019, and then the following scene shows a subtitle saying "three years later", implying the film's events take place in 2022. There are entire scenes where the President is rallying supporters for his re-election, however this is impossible since 2022 is not a presidential election year.

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Ray Dussette: Why would you build a self destruct on this space station?
Jake Lawson: In case this space station fell back to earth.

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Question: In the beginning of the movie it shows the electric motor on an engine hoist, but he hasn't taken the old motor out yet. Wouldn't he need the engine hoist to get old one out before having the new one ready?

Answer: Not if he has more than one engine hoist.


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