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6. 6/10. A goofy movie if such an understatement exists. I can see why some people would hate it. It's all over the map almost trying to be like "This Is Spinal Tap"yet trying to be taken seriously at some points. We get it, at the time, they were one of the biggest groups in the workd. Several year later they'd be gone due to Geri Halliwell's big ego. I found this movie amusing enough to laugh a few times as it tried at least. More than what the likes of South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc., have done in their 30 plus years on tv. Personally I didn't really see too many problems to complain about.


Surely the worst load of poo since I don't know what. Not even worth one star. Diabolical on EVERY level. Nothing even remotely good here. Actually appalling. Stupid. Inept. Shallow. Atrocious. Abominable. Abhorrent. Should never have been made. A waste of film. Worthless. Laughably loathsome. Repugnant. Serious contender for thee worst film EVER made. EVER. Utterly reprehensible.

Alan Keddie

Continuity mistake: When Scary Spice throws a pillow at Ginger. The pillow is bright purple, but when the shot is on Ginger, the pillow is bright orange.

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Emma: You know, I'm always gonna be known as Baby Spice, even when I'm 30.
Posh: You love it really Emma, you you play up to it all the time.
Emma: No I don't.
Posh: Yes you do.You're doing it now.
Emma: I'm not.

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Trivia: The part played by Meatloaf was first given to boxer Frank Bruno who quit the film during filming as his son wasn't allowed on set to get the spice girls' autographs.

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Question: On the round trip going from Milan to London and back, which spice girl keeps saying "Are we there yet?" in the plane?

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