Spice World

The Spice Girls are about to perform their first ever live gig at the Albert Hall. Led by their neurotic manager Clifford, they travel from one appearance to another in their "Spicebus", with a lot of girlie frolics and arguments. They appear on Italian TV, meet alien fans in a forest, do an army assault course, stay in a big spooky old house, among other silly things.

Meanwhile, Piers is trying to make a documentary about them, and an evil tabloid editor is trying to bring them down, with the help of a sinister paparazzi man, who catches them saying things like "Is the Pope a Catholic", which brings on the news "Spice Girls doubt whether Pope is Catholic".

On the day before their show, they have a row with Clifford, and threaten not to perform. They go clubbing with their old friend Nicola, who is heavily pregnant. When she is about to give birth, they stay loyally beside her, while their show is only minutes away. Do they have enough "girl power" to make it there on time?


Continuity mistake: When they are running the obstacle course, the amount of hoops in front of the girls changes from five, to two, to five again.

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Ginger Spice: Now that's Girl Power.

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Trivia: The part played by Meatloaf was first given to boxer Frank Bruno who quit the film during filming as his son wasn't allowed on set to get the spice girls' autographs.

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