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Revealing mistake: Wait until the end of the bonus footage of the Spice Girls' live performance of "Mama". At the very end of the song, the music and voices fade out. Sporty appears to throw her body and soul into one of the lyrics, even though the lyric is barely audible because of the fadeout. It actually looks pretty funny.

Revealing mistake: When the Spice Girls are in dance camp, they go through an obstacle course. On the second obstacle (the tunnel), you can see that Scary Spice runs to the side of the tunnels instead of actually going through. When the shot changes to when they are exiting the tunnel, it shows Scary Spice crawling out.

Revealing mistake: When the kids and Victoria fall off the boat, you can clearly see that the little boy jumped off of it, not fell off.

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Continuity mistake: When Scary Spice throws a pillow at Ginger. The pillow is bright purple, but when the shot is on Ginger, the pillow is bright orange.

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Baby Spice: You know, I'm always gonna be known as Baby Spice, even when I'm 30.
Posh Spice: You love it really Emma, you you play up to it all the time.
Baby Spice: No I don't.
Posh Spice: Yes you do.You're doing it now.
Baby Spice: I'm not.

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Trivia: The part played by Meatloaf was first given to boxer Frank Bruno who quit the film during filming as his son wasn't allowed on set to get the spice girls' autographs.

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Question: On the round trip going from Milan to London and back, which spice girl keeps saying "Are we there yet?" in the plane?

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