Spectral (2016)

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Factual error: The film is mostly set in Moldova. Early in the film, the general remarks at one point that insurgents are near the Russian border to the north. However Moldova does not border with Russia at any point in its geography. It only borders Ukraine and Romania.

Other mistake: When Clyne is making the new weapons to defeat the spectrals, at one point he uses a white, hot glue gun like an electric drill, even with added drill sound effects.

Plot hole: It is stated that the "specters" are actually made up of Bose-Einstein Condensate, and that they are so exceedingly cold, they instantly kill whoever they touch, presumably via shock. This is all good and well, except that if they are so cold that they could instantly kill a person, there should be physical signs of their exceedingly low temperature around them or at very least on their victims. If nothing else, at least some frost buildup around them when they stop for more than a few moments or discoloration on the skin of the dead.

Continuity mistake: Gen. Orland is shown in one shot having a US Army name tape on his left side. A few shots later, it is on the left.


Other mistake: Mark is driving down the road in an old pickup truck. An inside shot shows the truck is bouncing and the scenery is passing by the left side of the truck. But the ignition switch is in the off position. A few shots later he pulls up to the research facility and the ignition is now on, which he turns off.


Fran Madison: These are from real corpses.
Clyne: Each one is made from a real person. They're alive? They're not alive. They're not dead. They're just trapped somewhere in between.

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Trivia: While no official explanation was given as to why the planned theatrical release was canceled, it has been speculated by insiders that Universal bailed on the release due to the large number of franchise-based Sci-Fi and action films being released in 2016 providing too much competition for an original property such as "Spectral", as well as Universal being leery over the project after the disappointing domestic box office of one of their other major 2016 releases, "Warcraft."

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