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Corrected entry: Barf opens a fortune cookie and Yogurt comes out to talk. When he is done talking, he starts to go away. But before he goes away Lone Starr starts talking to Barf as though Yogurt isn't there.


Correction: Lonestar could have just known he was done talking; he'd given them all the information they needed.


Corrected entry: When Dark Helmet lifts the door on Princess Vespa's car and it falls on him, look at the trooper in the background. He buckles over as if he were laughing.

Correction: He's not doubling over in laughter-all of the troopers are covering their crotch out of fear of what Dark Helmet might do to them. When the door crashes down, many of them grip their crotches tighter since Helmet has been embarrassed again.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Snotty is ordered to beam down Skroob, Snotty did something wrong and that causes Skroob's head to be put on backwards. When everyone is trying to fix the problem he looks down and grabs his butt - this means his hands must be backwards too. Also if you look closely you can see his feet aren't backwards either. (00:15:25)

Correction: No one said specifically that only his head was on backwards. Since the beaming went wrong, his hands and feet could have turned out backward, yet everything else stayed the same.


Corrected entry: When Barf and Lone Starr (in disguise) find Princess Vespa and Dot Matrix in the prison cell, they take off their helmets. When they leave the cell, they don't have their helmets. When they run into the 2 guards they beat up, the GUARDS are wearing the helmets.

Correction: The heroes have obviously left their helmets in the cell but the two guards they beat up to get the helmets got new ones (most likely to be ID'ed as guards) and notice they had also gotten themselves new guns as well since the heroes still had the guns stolen from the guards earlier so these are not the same as all guns and helmets look dead identical.


Corrected entry: When Barf and Lone Starr take the clothes of the two guards, they take their guns, but when they all meet up in the corridor, the guards have their guns back.

Correction: These are new guns as there is no doubt an armory where they retrieved new weapons. Lone Starr and Barf still have the stolen guards' guns.


Corrected entry: When Princess Vespa goes on a rant and ends with 'Daughter of Roland, King of the Druids.' Lone Starr says 'Great, a Druish princess.' He should already have known she was Druish, considering he apparently knew who King Roland was when he called.

Correction: He did it for the joke.


Corrected entry: In the scene near the end of the movie where Lone Starr puts shaving cream on the guard's face, after he does the death pinch he falls and Lone Starr's ring falls off. But in the next shot it is on again.

Correction: If you go frame by frame you will see that his ring stays on and the thing that falls is probably some shaving cream.


Corrected entry: When Lone Starr and Barf leave the ship after it lands to rescue the princess in Spaceball city, the door to the ship is left open. Upon their return to the ship with the princess, the door is closed and then blasted locked. (00:59:15)

Correction: The guards they knocked out are left in the ship. Later on they run into these guards inside the prison complex. The guards left the ship, closed it and locked it. So they wanted to prevent a fast get away of Lone Starr & Co.


Corrected entry: Some six minutes before the end, Dark Helmet accidentally hits one of the crew members with his lightsaber. Viewing the accidental blow in slow motion, you can see that the crew member is injured before he's struck by the lightsaber.

Correction: If you had to use slow-mo to see it, it's not a mistake, according to the rules of the site.

Corrected entry: When Princess Vespa comes out of Yogurt's tunnel, she says, "Daddy, is it really you?" but her lips don't move.

Correction: I just watched this scene on YouTube and her lips are in fact moving.

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Correction: You can say that without moving your lips, or moving them only barely.

Other mistake: As Dark Helmet says his line "Everybody knows that!", watch the crewman in white to Helmet's right. He starts to cover his crotch a beat too soon.

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Col. Sandurz: Lord Helmet.
Dark Helmet: WHAT?!
Col. Sandurz: You're needed on the bridge, sir.
Col. Sandurz: Yes, sir.
Dark Helmet: Did you see anything?
Col. Sandurz: No, sir. I didn't see you playing with your dolls again.
Dark Helmet: Good.

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Trivia: President Skroob's name is an anagram of Mel Brooks' last name.

Jackie Menechino
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Question: When Spaceball 1 achieves ludicrous speed and overshoots the Winnebago, Barf is heard to remark "they've gone to plaid". Is this just a joke about eighties style special effects or is it a reference to a specific film?

Answer: Its a reference to how the stars streak around the ships in "Star Wars". "Ludicrous speed" had to have a ludicrous color. It is also referencing 2001: A Space Odyssey, where this "tartan" effect occurs when Dave is in the pod towards the end of the film.

Grumpy Scot

Those answers are quite correct and possible, but how about this: Warp and weft are the two directions of yarn in weaving (of plaids and other things). It might be a very meta joke since plaid is at much higher level than warp. On the other hand, it's Mel Brooks. On the gripping hand, he was born in Brooklyn in the mid 20's and might have been exposed to the basics and vocabulary of the tailor at a young age.

Btw, it's also a clear reference to the sentence from Star Trek "They've gone to warp."

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