Dunkirk (2017)

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Corrected entry: At one point they pan in on Harry Stiles after being wet and the water dripping from his head is white, due to the product in his hair.

New this month Correction: Brylcreem hair gel - practically compulsory for men in those days (and well into the Fifties and Sixties, too). When washed out it turned a milky white - so they may have used the real thing in the film itself.

Corrected entry: When the Spitfire ditches in the Channel, it floats for a while. Most unlikely. The Merlin engine weighed over three quarters of a ton and would have dragged the aircraft down almost immediately.


New this month Correction: It doesn't matter what the engine weighs, it depends upon how much water the entire aircraft displaces. The physics don't need arguing about. On June 1 1940 Jack Potter ditched his Spitfire in the Channel during the Dunkirk evacuation. It stayed afloat long enough for him to climb out of the cockpit and wait for the French fishing vessel La Jolie Mascotte to pick him up more than eight minutes later. It happened, so it's possible.

Corrected entry: All the soldiers are clean shaven despite their current predicament.


Krishnan Appasamy

New this month Correction: It was policy to be clean shaven at all times, even during times of battle. Source: I use to do 82nd Airborne reenactment.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, there is a timber factory with nice timber on a lot of staples, this is something that was not possible at that time of the war. All the timber had been used.

Correction: That's just ridiculous. They still made timber at timber factories and they need wood for that, which is stacked at the factory. It's not like all wood gets shipped to the war the moment the tree is cut down. People still need furniture, doors, housing, boats. Life goes on during a war.


Corrected entry: We see the Royal Navy requisitioning small boats in harbour and crewing them with naval personnel. Rather than wait for this to happen, Mark Rylance decides to set sail for Dunkirk himself. However, when the flotilla of other small craft are seen, none of them are crewed by navy personnel.

Correction: A large number of the little ships were manned solely by civilians due to a lack of Naval personnel. And in fact, we see several of them manned by naval crews.



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Commander Bolton: You can practically see it from here.
Colonel Winnant: What?
Commander Bolton: Home.



Near the start of the film in the harbour when the camera pans around to the left looking out to sea, you can see the back of the modern Weymouth Lifeboat 17-32 moored up in the background.



In reality, Adolf Hitler ordered his commanders and troops to stand down and allow Allied forces to escape at Dunkirk, because Hitler admired the British as "Aryan brothers," whom he expected to eventually join the Third Reich.