The Mummy

Stupidity: Once the casket was left in the mercury in the tomb, the ropes and pulleys should have been taken away instead of left in place for it to be retrieved. For something so evil why would any sane person want to bring it back out?

Stupidity: When Henry is talking to Nick, he feels himself beginning to change into Edward Hyde, he goes to his desk to inject the serum to stop his transformation. If he had injected himself before continuing the conversation, his transformation into Hyde would not have occurred.

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Suggested correction: We don't know the full extent of how his affliction works or how his serum works in this Dark Universe. It could very well be that if he takes the serum too soon without showing symptoms of change, that it has other very serious negative side effects.

Quantom X Premium member

Stupidity: If the red gem, which gives the dagger the ability to, basically, bring hell to Earth can be so easily shattered by crashing it to the ground bare-handed, why did the templars keep it? That's probably the stupidest thing in the whole movie.


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