Alien: Covenant

Continuity mistake: Daniels' face gets splattered with blood but when she uses the radio to call back the others, her face on the screen shows no blood. In the other shots after it's there again.

Continuity mistake: Walter near the beginning of the film, is going over the ship's systems. He checks the fetuses inside a compartment and sees a dead one. As he removes it, the slot it came from is full of blood. He places it inside a container. Then as he hits the button to close the compartment, the slot has no blood in the next shot, and no implying he cleaned or decontaminated the slot. (00:08:00)


Plot hole: The computer on board the ship mistakes David for Walter. This makes no sense as while a human being could be fooled by his appearance or his voice, a computer with detailed sensors and possessing the exact details of David's composition would not be fooled simply because the two "look" and "sound" alike. In fact, Walter, being a newer and more advanced model, should be composed of different chemicals and materials than the earlier manufactured David making it even less likely that the ship's computer would have mistaken the two.

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Suggested correction: Makes way too many assumptions about the manufacturing of either one.

Furthermore, we do not no exactly how the ship is supposed to be identifying the androids in the first place.

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I feel like I already corrected a similar mistake. David is less advanced, but cleverer than Walter. The correction is right in saying there are too many assumption being made. Who knows what David did to be more like Walter, that might even be easy for a highly advanced android. Who knows how advanced and sophisticated the computer sensors are to detect an imposter android. I didn't think the computer or anything much is made with many defenses against sabotage. Its a peaceful universe. Also don't really remember but the first time David enters the ship couldn't he already have modified the computer? Hacked it?


Well, we do know that Walter is constructed much differently that David. David uses what he thinks is an android-lethal move on Walter, and David thinks he has killed Walter. Moments later, David is astonished to see Walter not only alive but ready to do battle again. At this point, Walter even says, "There have been a few upgrades since your day." Which means that Walter is different in ways that even David didn't imagine. So, the original post is correct: Even a cursory security scan of David would have instantly revealed that he wasn't Walter.

Charles Austin Miller

Plot hole: At the end David regurgitate's the alien embryos and places them in the refrigerator with the human embryos, thing is they are in exactly the same matching capsules as the human embryos and are an exact match for the compartments and fit perfectly. Impossible as he would have no idea of the refrigerated compartments or the layout of the ship.

Continuity mistake: When Tennessee walks in, the Jack Daniels bottle on the counter is empty, seen from several angles, then she pours him some in a glass. (01:41:00)

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