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Alien: Covenant (2017)

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Corrected entry: David would not have the time to beat Walter, change into his clothes and cut his own hand off in the time given to meet the shuttle.

Correction: Actually he has plenty of time. When the two androids fight we can see that David reaches for a knife, then there is a cut and we see the survivors of the Covenant outside, waiting for the shuttle. In the meantime it is absolutely possible that David killed Walter, changed into his clothes and chopped his hand off. That is absolutely possible within two minutes.

Corrected entry: David cuts his long blonde hair. When we see him next his hair is the exact same colour as Walter's, with no time to colour it.

Correction: His hair hasn't changed colour. It's just the dim lighting that makes it look like a different colour.


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David: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.



Daniels' face gets splattered with blood but when she uses the radio to call back the others, her face on the screen shows no blood. In the other shots after it's there again.



The synthetic androids in the whole saga are named in alphabetical order in Alien Ash, in Aliens Bishop, in Alien: Resurrection Call, in Prometheus David, then Walter in Covenant.