Gifted (2017)


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Roberta Taylor: And I'm supposed to believe you know what you're doing. You couldn't even find a white lawyer.

Frank Adler: We've discussed this ad nauseum.
Mary Adler: What's ad nauseum?
Frank Adler: Oh, you don't know? Well, looks like someone needs school.

Frank Adler: Diane instructed me... that I was only to publish it postmortem.
Evelyn: She died six years ago.
Frank Adler: It wasn't her death she was talking about.

Evelyn: Midlife crisis, apparently.
Frank Adler: He's 70.
Evelyn: I know. Must have been on time delay or something.

Frank Adler: This is gonna be fun. You're gonna meet kids today you can borrow money from the rest of your life.

Roberta Taylor: If anybody takes that baby away, I'll smother you in your sleep.

Mary Adler: He's a good person. He wanted me before I was smart.

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