Gifted (2017)

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Corrected entry: On the first day of school the teacher asks Mary a math question and she has nothing in her hands. When Mary answers, the teacher magically has a calculator in her hand to check Mary's answer.

Correction: She doesn't magically have it in her hands. She walks over to her desk to pick it up.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: The entire climax of the movie makes no sense. Since the grandmother was staying in the guest house, how would her being allergic to the cat affect her, since the cat was in the main house with her granddaughter? And even if one can rationalize a scenario where the grandmother would be in contact with the cat, why wouldn't the guardians just call the uncle to tell him to pick up the cat? And even if one can say that perhaps the grandmother didn't want the guardians to tell the uncle, why? To be spiteful to her granddaughter? Why? The grandmother had no legal power over the guardians to tell them not to tell the uncle that she was there. And the guardians never would have done that to the granddaughter-who obviously loved the cat. Even if the granddaughter were staying with her grandmother in the guest house, i.e., the cat couldn't stay in the guest house because of the allergic grandmother, then the guardians would have kept the cat in their house where the granddaughter could go anytime to see the cat. There's too much of a suspension of disbelief to accept this major plot point.

Correction: 1) Mary is spending lots of time in the guest house with her grandmother, bringing in cat dander on her clothing. 2) They didn't want Frank to know that she was there. 3) Mary was supposed to be there in the care of the foster family, but is essentially still under the control of her grandmother, which was against the agreement they made in court.

Greg Dwyer

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