Fifty Shades Darker

Continuity mistake: When Christian and Ana have sex for the first time after reuniting, there's a mug on Ana's nightstand while Christian is undressing her. Once they're on the bed together, the mug is gone.

Continuity mistake: During Christian and Ana's last Red Room scene together, there's a moment when Christian rubs, I'm assuming, some oil on Ana's body-more specifically her chest and breasts. When Christian enters her while she's on her side, there's no indication that the oil is still on her body, and Christian rubbed a lot on her. This is a continuous shot, so I doubt it could have dried up that quickly; it's also more noticeable when she's on her back and you can see the area(s) better.

Continuity mistake: When Christian and Ana are making out just before having sex for the first time, Ana's hand is on the back of Christian's neck when the camera is facing her. Then when the camera is behind Christian, her hand isn't there, and it goes back and forth until from behind Christian we see her hand slide around his neck.

Continuity mistake: During the road-map scene when Ana first puts the lipstick on, you can see the lines are not exactly neat and straight, but when they're in his bed together just before Christian was informed that the guy was there to do Ana's hair, the lines are now much straighter.

Continuity mistake: When Ana was reading the card with the flowers that Christian sent, she is holding it behind the vase and below the flowers. When the camera angle changes, the card is now suddenly above the flowers.

Continuity mistake: When Jack is at the masquerade ball, he takes a photo of a picture of Christian and his family. If you look at his camera, you'll see that the frame is barely being taken. However, when Jack looks at it at the end of the movie, almost the entire frame can be shown in the picture. He had no reason to take another photo, and he left right after taking it.

Continuity mistake: Just before Christian's helicopter crash, you can see that he's got a little stubble on his face. After he comes home - on the same day - he has more stubble, and is wearing a different shirt.

Continuity mistake: During the billiards scene; when Ana lines up her shot while leaning into Christian, his cue keeps changing hands during the shot.

Elizabeth McCollum

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