Plot hole: There's no way that Eddie and Nana left the flooded theater without getting a single drop of water on them. The water flooded up to the ceiling and there's no other way to exit besides the front doors, and Moon's secret exit, which also floods. They do not leave through either way.


Continuity mistake: When the gang arrived for their first day of closed rehearsals the clock on the front of the theater says about 8:30, but just a few minutes later when Buster goes to get the power back on the clock now says about 11:50.


Other mistake: When Buster Moon is calling out the solo acts for final selection he calls Daniel's name with no megaphone and Daniel can hear his name fine. Then when Buster is making the selecting the solo finalists, Daniel cannot hear him, requiring Buster to use a megaphone to talk to him.

Other mistake: Considering how famous Nana Noodleman is it's odd that everyone is surprised that she's still alive.


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